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Button Down

The stylish button down shirts feature a unique button down collar. This collar is very versatile as it accommodates every tie knot. The formal button down shirts look sharp worn with or without a tie, depending on whether you are attending a formal or a more relaxed event. Button down shirts are also designed with single cuffs. The formal button down shirts are ideal for office wear, formal wear and dress wear. They are made from the finest 2 ply 100s cotton. This cotton has been perfected with a unique silk touch finish which creates a smooth, silky surface. The button down shirts come in a variety of fits, colours and styles. The casual button down shirts are effortlessly stylish and they are made from washed 100% cotton for softness and comfort. These smart yet casual shirts are part of our Weekend range. They are perfect for bridging the gap between casual and professional. Pair a casual button down shirt with a smart suit jacket for a formal, yet relaxed, look.