The Essential Office Edit
We outline exactly what it takes to make sure you look your best from the desk to the boardroom. Your definitive guide to dressing for success starts here.
The perfectly tailored suit
A man's suit says more about him than his business card. It doesn’t matter if you work at a law firm or a tech start-up - it always pays off to have a suit that’s tailored to your body and in a cloth that works all-year round.
Our signature formal shirts
While we’re firm believers that you can never own too many shirts, the key is to have your basics covered and nail the perfect fit. Need some help finding the right size shirt? We can help with that.
silk ties
Looking for a way to instantly look more important? Throw on a tie. They do this wonderful thing of pulling together an outfit while adding an extra touch of texture and colour.
Unique cufflinks
Attention to detail matters in the workplace and cufflinks are certainly a detail not to be overlooked. Find a pair that speaks to your personality while remaining sophisticated.
Hand crafted leather shoes
The easiest way to put your best foot forward is to wear really good shoes. More specifically, hand-crafted, well-polished leather shoes.