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Pocket squares are extremely fashionable men's accessories and they will instantly add colour and interest to men's suit jackets. Originally pocket squares grew out of necessity and were used as mere handkerchiefs. When two-piece suits became popular in the 19th century men started to carry their clean handkerchiefs in their breast pockets. By the early 2th century this trend had caught on and pocket squares became a fashion accessory rather than a useful device. Hawes & Curtis offers a large selection of handkerchiefs made from 1% silk. There are beautiful patterns to choose from including spots and paisley prints. Our four way handkerchiefs are designed with contrasting patterns so you can showcase different looks depending on how you fold them. Adorning a suit jacket with silk handkerchiefs is also a wonderful way to coordinate with a wedding tie to accentuate the colour scheme of the day. We offer many colours including black blue burgundy green lilac orange pink red silver white and yellow. There are several ways to fold a pocket square. The Puff Fold is one of the most popular and easiest folds. The result is an elegant puff of fabric coming out of your suit pocket. Firstly pinch the centre of the pocket square and let the corners hang down. Next tuck the hanging sides in with one hand firmly holding the pocket square and then gently gather it closed. Finally gracefully gather up the bottom of the pocket square and neatly tuck it into your blazer pocket. The One-Point Fold is simple and looks sharp. The desired result is to have a small peak of fabric coming out of your pocket. The first step is to fold the handkerchief down to a four and a half inch square. Secondly create an 'envelope' shape by folding the bottom corner up to meet the top corner. Then fold the left corner to the right and then the right corner to the left. Finally neatly place the handkerchief in your jacket pocket.