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Hawes & Curtis offers a wide variety of high quality men's accessories. Hawes & Curtis' ties are the most popular accessories in the men's range. Whether you require a smart tie for a polished look or an elegant bow tie for a special formal event or wedding ties to coordinate with the bridesmaids our ties are appropriate for every occasion. This classic accessory will pull your whole tailored look together and would also make a luxurious gift for a stylish gentleman. Hawes & Curtis has two styles of men's ties. The City ties create a polished and professional look. They are beautifully crafted from 1% silk and have a double brushed wool backing. The City ties have a standard length of 15cm and the blade width measures 8.5cm. This is a very popular style and it is available in a variety of patterns including herringbone stripes spots as well as geometric paisley and floral prints. There are also attractive colour options such as black, blue, brown, cream, green, orange, pink and yellow to name a few. New styles are regularly added to this collection. Hawes & Curtis' Slim ties are currently in vogue for modern gentlemen. These contemporary ties are made from pure silk and create a clean sharp look. They have a standard length of 15cm and the narrower blade width measures 7cm. Narrow ties are very popular at the moment because men are opting for tailored men's suits with a slim cut. As a general rule ensure your tie is proportionate with your suit. The patterns available in this collection include spots and vibrant printed designs. There is a selection of shades to choose from including black blue pink red and yellow. New styles are also regularly added to this collection.