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Hawes & Curtis’ slim fit Formal range consists of quintessentially British shirts which are designed to be worn to the office and for formal occasions. These beautifully tailored shirts are gently tapered at the waist creating a relaxed, contemporary silhouette.

The slim fit Formal shirts have been crafted from the finest 100% two-fold-cotton which has been perfected with a unique silk touch finish. This special finish creates an even finer fabric with a smooth, silky surface. As well as being exceptionally comfortable to wear, the shirts are easier to iron and the quality of the cotton lasts even longer.

Hawes & Curtis has also created non-iron, slim fit Formal shirts. These luxury shirts are made from the same high quality two-fold-cotton and have been finished with the latest anti-crease technology. This ensures that when shirts are hung up to dry after washing, they remain remarkably crease free and exceptionally easy to iron.

The slim fit Formal shirts are designed with either fuss-free single cuffs or traditional double cuffs. There is also the option of a semi-cutaway collar and a full cutaway collar. The semi-cutaway collar is the most versatile collar as it accommodates every tie knot. The full cutaway collar was specifically designed by Hawes & Curtis to complement the Windsor knot.

This stylish range offers a multitude of weave options including poplin, herringbone, end on end and twill. These Formal shirts for men are also available in an array of stylish patterns and colours which are appropriate for the office. Hawes & Curtis’ slim fit Formal shirts offer classic English style for contemporary gentlemen.